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Commercial Service

Commercial store front rekey's, master key systems, stand alone electronic locks, panic devices, door closers, deadbolts, we handle a variety of commercial hardware, our tech has been doing this for over 10 years, we've seen it all and are Ready for anything. 210-929-2495

Gain Entry - Locked out of Office or Business 

C-Gain Entry
Funny lady locked out of business
locked out of commercial door
BLO door.jpg

Locked out of your office or business? We can help. We've opened countless door's and have all the skills and tools needed to get you back into your office or business quickly. Everything from Standard exterior wood & metal doors, to store front doors, and commercial office doors. We even do overhead doors, desk locks, filing cabinets, storage lockers, and Conex boxes. We can also Re-Key the lock at the time of service if you've lost all your keys. We strive to do all opening's non-destructively, drilling your lock is always a last resort. Call today for service 210-929-2495


Door Closer - Repair, Installation & Adjustment 

Door Closer

From new installations to replacing leaking closers, adjusting slamming door's, we can repair/replace/adjust any door closer and can handle special applications, including commercial, residential, heavy doors, or wide doors are no problem. Hold open closers are also sold and supported. 

commercial door closer
new door closer install
repair leaking door closer san antonio

Store Front Door Hardware

store front
store front rekey hardware
store front paddle
store front lock cylinder
store front hardware repair
glass door indicator

We service all types of storefront door hardware. Adams Rite and others. We rekey, and/or master key these doors. We repair broken locks and cylinders, we remove broken keys and fix stuck  keys. We install and service Thumb-Turn's, Adam's Rite indicators, deadlatches, paddles and levers. We open locked doors and make keys for them, we're also comfortable with Interchangeable core cylinders and key systems. Our prices are very competitive and service is usually same day. 

Panic Devices & Exit Alarms

Panc Device

We install, repair, and rekey exit hardware of various type, including store front exit hardware & fire rated hardware. We repair common issues like the device falling off the door, device does not latch due to strike failure, and key issues. We also sell and service Exit alarms from Detex and Alarm lock, we can replace batteries and/or rekey these units as needed. We have extensive experience in the restaurant business and understand the needs of this customer. 

detex panic device with alarm
crash bar panic device
back door alarm
detex pilfer alarm buzzer

High Security Deadbolts & Restricted Key Systems

C- High Security
medeco high security deadbolt
schlage primus high security
primus restricted key
mx restricted key

We sell and service High Security deadbolts and Restricted Key Systems, we offer the affordable and effective GMS MX key system, a mid-tier restricted key at a great price, excellent for churches and restaurants, and any application were employee turn-over is high, this system will save you money. We cannot service an existing restricted key system, however we can offer you alternatives if your current system is no longer working for you. 

Interchangable Core Systems

IC Core

We service removable interchangeable core systems, both small format and large format, these are common on restaurants and large to medium size business. We can setup a new system or takeover an existing system, we sell and service all types of IC Core hardware including commercial lever sets, mortise and rim cylinders, door knobs, and padlocks. These systems are typically master keyed and include a special "Control" key that removes the core for quick rekey service and/or customer self service. Ideal for restaurant business or facilities with many panic devices. 

IC core deadbolt locksmith
IC core locksmith lever handle
bes IC core service san antonio
Large format core sevice
IC core cylinder in san antono

Stand Alone Electronic Access 

Access Conrol
Kaba Eplex 2000
Schlage CO Series lock
Alarm Lock Trilogy T2
Schlage NDE commercial lever
Schlage Control Engage lock

We offer stand alone access control devices with various capability, some offer audit-trail, all offer multiple user codes, and limited schedule capabilities, the new Allegion Engage line of products is the most current high tech offering, giving end users a complete access control solution in a battery powered stand alone application, drastically cutting cost when compared to a hard wired solution, giving up no capabilities. Engage gives users the ability to use a FOB based credential while providing facilities managers with a Cloud based software user interface, very intuitive and convenient. Alarm Lock Networx products offer the unique ability to provide both keypad access and wireless remote unlocking. The primary brands we deal with are Alarm lock, Schlage, and Kaba, but we can service others. 

Filing Cabinets, Furniture, Desk Locks & Drawers

File cabinets

We make keys to various types of office furniture, filing cabinets, desk and drawer locks. We can duplicate keys and create original keys if you've lost all your keys. If you've purchased user office furniture we can also help you get them functioning again. We service all types including : Hon, Timberline, and Chicago, we can also replace broken and /or missing lock cylinders on most fixtures. We also carry sliding glass door locks and can install and service locking devices on wood cabinetry and fixtures. 

Hon filing cabinet
Filing cabinet needs key
Office furniture no keys
desk lock key
furniture desk lock
furniture drawer lock

Master Keyed Padlocks - Various applications

Brass padlocks
storage disc padlock
Master lock combination padlock
PL ic core.jpg
American aluminum padlock

We sell and service many types of padlocks, high security, standard, disc types, weatherized and laminated. IC Core padlocks are excellent for restaurants and those who need the ability to integrate into an existing IC Core facility. We also offer long shackle padlocks, and are able to master key padlocks as well. We can get them on the same type of key as your front door or other facility locks, eliminating the need to carry many keys. We also sell combination padlocks, eliminating the need for keys entirely. We can remove a padlock if your locked out and replace it on the spot with a suitable alternative. 

Realtor & Code Compliance 


Ready lock works with local realtor's to get the job done. We know your very busy and your clients need results quickly. We offer discounted rekey rates for your clients and  can also help with code compliance, in Texas keyless deadbolts and peep holes are required on rental properties. These are often left out of the initial home build, if you have a client that needs these devices installed so they can rent a property we can get them installed quickly, usually same day service. We also offer key lockboxes, we can open locked homes with no keys, and rekey the property. 

Realtor Keyless deadbolt
Re-keying pinning kit with keys
deadbolt with lock picks
Peep hole
key lock box

Commercial Lock-Outs & Eviction 

C-Lock out
Notice of eviction with keys
Chain and padlock over house
store front eviction
eviction notice

We work with property owners, property management companies, and law firms when it comes to evictions. We work after-hours when necessary, and can quickly gain entry to a property and change the locks without any drama. We'll make sure the exterior of the building is secure and any legal notices required by the firm will be left in appropriate place. When complete we'll deliver new keys to the owner/ and or firm. We do not confront residents and any forced eviction while a tenant is on site must be accompanied by appropriate law enforcement. 

Home Owners Association 


Ready lock works with HOA's for common needs of the association and/or association management company. We can rekey and or service/repair pool gate locks, and put your club house on a master key system and/or electronic access to simplify association use. We do not have a welder on staff so do not offer gate services that require welding, if you have an existing pool gate that requires service however, we should be able to accommodate you. We also offer group discounts for homeowners who wish to have locks upgraded. We have negotiated group prices for as few as 5 home owners requesting lock upgrades for their private residence. We typically only charge a single service call that is split among home owners and offer a discounted service rate as well. All home owners must be available and work will be completed in batches. 

Alarm lock trilogy on pool gate
Homeowners association club house
Homeowners association
Group discount

Contract Work for National Facilities Maintenance Providers

Work order pad
Not to exceed sign
Sevice channel logo

Ready Lock is Licensed and bonded in the state of Texas, we are insured for 2 million aggregate, and are well versed in the procedures and protocol's for working with facilities maintenance vendors. If you'd like to do work with us, please feel free to contact us.  

Safes - Electronic - Mechanical 


We service commercial and residential safes, we can change  your combination and also offer a digital retrofit service. If you've got an old combination dial and would like to move to a modern digital lock we can help you with that. Digital locks are much easier to open and change the combination on. Ideal for a commercial environment with high employee turn over. 

commercial grade amsec safe
Combination Lock Safe
Amsec ESL10 safe lock
S&G 6120 keypad safe lock
Amsec safe logo

Mechanical Push Button Locks - Simplex & Locinox

Dormakaba Simplex L1000 lock
Narrow stile simplex
Dormakaba logo
Locinox gate lock
Locinox combination gate lock

We're no stranger to the Kaba Simplex line of products, very common on pool gates, and remote applications, this time tested line of mechanical push button locks are almost ubiquitous. Very robust and reliable, although not so easy to change the combination on. If you've ever tried and failed then you know what a challenge it can be. It's best to call a  professional to service these locks.  Our tech has been to official Kaba training on these products and has been working on them for 10  years. Contact us for service today, 210-929-2495

Locinox logo

Some of the brands we work with:

Assa Abbloy logo
ilco logo
Adams Rite logo

Ready Lock San Antonio  210-929-2495

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