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Residential Service

Our guys have been reinforcing door jamb's and rekeying home's for over 10 years. We do fresh deadbolt installations, electronic smart door locks, peep holes, keyless deadbolts, child-proof locks. High security locks, we rekey garage doors, wrought iron gates, burglar bars. We've seen it all, and we're Ready. One call does it all 210-929-2495

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Gain Entry - Locked out of house, bedroom or garage


Man drilling deadbolt lock
House keychain with key
Man picking deadbolt
kwikset deadbolt

Locked out of your house? We always do our best to gain entry to your home without causing any damage to your locks or door. In the industry we call this Non-Destructive Entry, or NDE. We always use destructive entry as a last resort, if we are forced to use destructive entry methods we carry new locksets to repair the issue right away. We have a very high success rate with NDE, usually we can get into a property non-destructively about 85% of the time. We're licensed and bonded and have a lot of experience dealing with your lock. Our prices for this service are very competitive, call us today. 

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Residential Re-Key Service

What does Re-Keying a lock mean? Well if you need a different key to function your lock re-keying offers a cheaper alternative to buying new locks, instead of replacing your old locks they can be serviced by a locksmith to change the pin-tumblers inside the lock. This allows a new, different key to be fitted. This also has the benefit of maintaining the look and feel of your property. We can also key locks alike, so that you only have one key to fit everything, they can also be Master-Keyed. Master Keyed and Keyed Alike are two different things, people often confuse them. You may have a guest room or childs room and you'd like a master key to open the entire property, but you'd like an individual key that only opens the guest room. This allows you to give a guest a key to the guest room only. Basically it allows multiple, different keys to operate a lock. Call us today: 210-929-2495

Pinning kit with keys
Man holding schlage key cylinder

New installations of deadbolts and handlesets

Polished brass kwikset deadbolt and door knob
Satin Nickel Kwikset handleset


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2"1/8 Hole saw with wood core sticking out
man measuring door for prep work
Spade bit cutting holes in jamb

Requiring power tools, hammers and wood chisel's installing a deadbolt on an Un-Prepped door can be a daunting task for the average home owner. We've installed hundreds and have all the tools and know-how to get this job done right the very first time. The work will be completed quickly and we'll clean up when we are done.  We don't recoomend installing multiple deadbolts on a single door for the goal of added security, for that your far better off reinforcing the strike and jamb. See our guide here : Strikes & Kick in protection. Call us today for service: 210-929-2495

Wood chisel
DeWalt drill

Ring Door Bell

We install the popular ring door bell products and assist customers to setup a ring account on their smart device. Sometimes drilling into concrete, stucco, or brick can be a challenge without the proper tools. We've installed several of these units and are familiar with the wiring and mounting challenges. Call today for a quote.  210-929-2495

Ring door bell installed on brick
DeWalt hammer drill
Ring door bell wire diagram
Ring door bell with logo
Ring door bell logo

High Security Locks

Ready lock offers a wide variety of high security products that have strong pick resistance and high end destructive entry tolerance. They feature security pins and unique keyways, hardened anti-drill technology, ball bearings and stainless steel bolts. They are all restricted key systems, and we offer an affordable MX key cylinder for those who want an inexpensive restricted keyway with above average pick and bump resistance. Paired with a grade 2 deadbolt assembly, this particular combo can be quite effective at reasonable cost. Call today for options. 210-929-2495

Schlage Primus Key
Medeco Key
High security medeco deadbolt
MX restricted key
Schlage Primus high security lock

Residential Electronic Locks

Electronic locks
Kwikset Kevo deadbolt
Kwikset electronic keypad
Schlage electronic keypad lever
Kwikset electronic keypad lever
Schlage Connect deadbolt

We sell and service residential electronic locks of all types. If you've lost your code or purchased a home with one of these locks already on it, we can help you retrieve the codes and setup the lock fresh, we can also rekey them and get you a new mechanical bypass key. These units are great for families with school age children and those with requent guest. Some can be remotely unlocked with your phone. Call for details: 210-929-2495

Mail Box Locks & Keys 

Lost your mail box key? We stock the various  types of mailbox locks and keys. We can repair or replace broken/missing mailbox locks. We can also duplicate most mailbox keys and if you have appropriate approval and proof of ownership we can open and replace your mailbox lock if it's locked up. These little locks can be surprisingly tough, don't risk damaging your mailbox, call Ready Lock today. 210-929-2495

Mailbox cam lock
XL7 Mailbox key
HL1 mailbox key
CompX Mailbox key
Women unlocking mailbox
Mailbox door opened showing lock
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Ready Lock San Antonio  210-929-2495

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