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Locked out of your house? We always do our best to gain entry to your home without causing any damage to your locks or door. In the industry we call this Non-Destructive Entry, or NDE. We always use destructive entry as a last resort, if we are forced to use destructive entry methods we carry new locksets to repair the issue right away. We have a very high success rate with NDE, usually we can get into a property non-destructively about 85% of the time. We're licensed and bonded and have a lot of experience dealing with your lock. Our prices for this service are very competitive, call us today. 

Kwikset Deadbolt Lock
Man picking deadbolt lock
House keychain
man drillng deadbolt lock


Gain Entry - Locked out of house, bedroom or garage

Quick San Antonio Locksmith - Opening locked doors since 2019

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