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Medeco deadbolt
Primus high security restrictred key

Ready lock offers a wide variety of high security products that have strong pick resistance and high end destructive entry tolerance. They feature security pins and unique keyways, hardened anti-drill technology, ball bearings and stainless steel bolts. They are all restricted key systems, and we offer an affordable MX key cylinder for those who want an inexpensive restricted keyway with above average pick and bump resistance. Paired with a grade 2 deadbolt assembly, this particular combo can be quite effective at reasonable cost. Call today for options. 210-929-2495

High Security Locks - Pick Proof - Heavy Duty Lock - Strong Lock - Unbreakable Lock - Medeco  

Schlage Primus high security lock cylinder
High security medeco restricted key
MX restricted key

Ready Lock - Your source for High Security in San Antonio - Restricted Keys 

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