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Residential Re-Key Service - Change Locks - New Locks - Replace Locks - New Key - Re-Tumble 

What does Re-Keying a lock mean? Well if you need a different key to function your lock re-keying offers a cheaper alternative to buying new locks, instead of replacing your old locks they can be serviced by a locksmith to change the pin-tumblers inside the lock. This allows a new, different key to be fitted. This also has the benefit of maintaining the look and feel of your property. We can also key locks alike, so that you only have one key to fit everything, they can also be Master-Keyed. Master Keyed and Keyed Alike are two different things, people often confuse them. You may have a guest room or childs room and you'd like a master key to open the entire property, but you'd like an individual key that only opens the guest room. This allows you to give a guest a key to the guest room only. Basically it allows multiple, different keys to operate a lock. Call us today: 210-929-2495

Re-Key Pinning Kit with keys
Man holding schlage cylinder
Brass kwikset deadbolt & Door Knob
Kwikset nickel handleset

Cheap Locksmith in San Antonio, Re-keying Homes Since 2019

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