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Master Keyed Padlocks - Various applications - Storage - Disc - Long Shackle - Dumpster - Trash - Commercial

We sell and service many types of padlocks, high security, standard, disc types, weatherized and laminated. IC Core padlocks are excellent for restaurants and those who need the ability to integrate into an existing IC Core facility. We also offer long shackle padlocks, and are able to master key padlocks as well. We can get them on the same type of key as your front door or other facility locks, eliminating the need to carry many keys. We also sell combination padlocks, eliminating the need for keys entirely. We can remove a padlock if your locked out and replace it on the spot with a suitable alternative. 

American Aluminum Padlock
Abus IC Core padlock
Master Lock Combination padlock
Storage disc padlock
Brass Padlocks with keys

Dumpster Padlock - Padlock - Cut off padlock - Remove Padlock - Locksmith San Antonio

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