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Realtor & Code Compliance - Rental Management Company - Bring to code 

Ready lock works with local realtor's to get the job done. We know your very busy and your clients need results quickly. We offer discounted rekey rates for your clients and  can also help with code compliance, in Texas keyless deadbolts and peep holes are required on rental properties. These are often left out of the initial home build, if you have a client that needs these devices installed so they can rent a property we can get them installed quickly, usually same day service. We also offer key lockboxes, we can open locked homes with no keys, and rekey the property. 

Kwikset Keyless deadbolt
Pinning kit with keys
Deadbolt wth picks
Peep Hole
Combination key box

New Home - Eviction - Real Estate - Property Managment - San Antonio Locksmith

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